Le bœuf Wagyu

Wagyu beef

Wagyu simply means beef (Gyu) from Japan (Wa). This breed is raised for its power and strength as a working farm animal. Often called as well Kobe beef, the Wagyu is famous for its extremely marbled beefs, the fat between the muscles as opposed to fat around the muscles; which dotes the meat with all of its savour and tenderness.

A striking image is often used: in France the notion of marbled meat corresponds on a visual level with dots of white fat that have infiltrated a mass of red meat. To the contrary, the Wagyu is appreciated when it is as fatty as possible, the opposite effect being that a few strips of red meat appear in a white mass. The fattier, the costlier.

This meat – rich and unctuous—is traditionally eaten in small portions, bringing it closer to the Japanese culture, delicate and subtle.
The high quality of the Wagyu comes, too, without a doubt, from the extreme attention given to its upbringing.

The cattle are raised in natural conditions, its feed closely surveyed, the animals are sometimes massaged to avoid stress, which would deliver a fatal blow to the quality of its meat. Opulent to the taste, it melts upon the palette, it is assuredly a legendary meat that will delight connoisseurs.

Jean Denaux was the first exclusive importer of Wagyu beef to France, notably the Australian Certified Wagyu Beef from the Tajima line of descent.

Le bœuf Wagyu Le bœuf Wagyu