Agneau AOC des prés-salés su Mont Saint Michel

Salt marsh AOC lamb of Mont Saint-Michel

The Salt marsh AOC lamb of Mont Saint-Michel is the baby of the sheep of the Rouge de la Hague or Suffolk breed that pastures on the briny salty vegetation that is periodically covered by the tides of sea water on the shores of the English Channel, particularly in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel where it is known locally as the "grévin" or in the oases along the Channel (Regnéville-sur-Mer, Saint-Germain-sur-Ay, le Vanlée...) or in the region of the Avranchin in the south of the Cotentin peninsula near the city of Avranches.

Because of the salt-sprayed vegetation that it grazes on, the meat of the Salt marsh AOC lamb of Mont Saint-Michel acquires a unique savour that makes it a product much sought after by gourmets.

The raising of this lamb integrates the sensitivities and the proximity of the livestock breeder given the very special conditions of the land made up of oases and pits created by the sea. There are no large-sized lambs because they have to be able to set them on their feet when they fall over.

To the taste, the alchemy comes from the lightness of its fat, which proffers a very direct savour without an off smell. Those who appreciate this meat know the ideal season (given the husbandry conditions and the natural selection) to savour Salt marsh AOC lamb of Mont Saint-Michel.