Les découpes spécifiques

Specific cuts

A mastered savoir-faire to bring the best out of the meat could be the definition of the art of cutting. Essentially we purchase our carcasses whole so as to be sure of the integrity of each part.

For these exceptional products we work with our senses. The meat must be seen, touched, smelled. Our butchers judge each piece to determine the best way to cut it.

Where to slice and above all where not to cut is one of the key elements of our trade. It is a subjective step that our team undertakes in which the grain of the meat, its reaction to the knife, its density, its tonus must be taken into account and in which the product can express its genuine qualities.

That is how we meet the expectations of the chefs to have cuts that will, once in the kitchen, prove to be the best in the preparation and cooking steps.

Because in the end, the result of our methods and savoir-faire can be assessed once it is tasted, with discernment.