Agneau de lait des Pyrénées

Milk-fed lamb of the Pyrenees

The animals are born and raised in the mountains. They are fed exclusively the milk of their mothers, which they suckle from the udder and are given no other form of nourishment.

Their age must not surpass 45 days and their weight is at most 15 kilos, live, which means 6 to 8 kilos of carcass, which makes for a product with cuts that are ideal for sharing: a shoulder of 500 grams, a leg of lamb of 800 grams, particularly adapted to slow cooking (the 7-hour lamb).

The product respects the cycles of nature, the lamb of the Pyrenees is available only 8 months of the year from October 15th to June 15th.

Our supplier, established in Laruns, is specialised in raising the Manechs with a red head, a breed that is particularly adapted to production of meat from very young lambs, which results from the beginning of the milking season in farms whose milk goes into the making of the cheeses of Ossau-Iraty.

Agneau de lait des Pyrénées