Le principe de l'affinage

The principle of aging

Aging, smoked and cold meat producers and cheese makers have practiced the tradition for generations. It is just simply about nurturing the product to its finest level through the use of time.

At Denaux we have refined this principle. Through the precise control of humidity, temperature and ventilation, we allow, for several weeks, the pieces that are naturally protected, like the ribs and flank, to blossom to their full extent.

The sensory improvements are evident and have been, for a long time, greatly appreciated by North and South American connoisseurs for dry aging has been practiced there for generations.

That is how we became specialists in the aging of meat, notably with the beef of Charolles, which earned its controlled designation of origin in 2010.

Because like the great vintages, we age only exceptional meats that can withstand this controlled maturation process and which offer the promise of evolving with excellence.