Le bœuf Hereford Prime d’Irlande

Irish Hereford Prime Beef – exclusive importer

Enrolled in the book of French breeds for 35 years, the Hereford breed developed in many regions throughout the world from the plains of Iowa to the immense spaces of Australia. But it is in Ireland that Denaux has localised the finest meats of this breed.

Hardy yet small in stature, Hereford beef cattle adapt throughout the year to the sea climate of the Irish pastures. Raised without the intervention of human beings, they render the lush green nature of Ireland attractive while building muscles and a fatty covering in perfect balance.

It is this infiltrated fat that gives the meat of the Hereford the sweetness in its grains, its lightly marbled aspect and thus its tenderness and all of its savour. In winter when the cold is at its most intense and feed scarcer, the Hereford draws on its fat reserves.

"The Hereford breed," adds Jean Denaux, "gives a quality meat because it is not a very sophisticated breed and so can be raised in conditions that are as natural as possible. In fact, it has remained so sturdy that its hide is thicker than that of all the other breeds."

Our Hereford Prime Beef comes exclusively from Ireland. Its small-sized carcases proffer cuts of meat that are perfectly adapted to restaurants. When served it is a beautiful product through its consistent tenderness.

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